Tree terminology explained – Crown Thinning

Crown Thinning is definitely one of the more sympathetic ways to take care of your trees. When we talk about the crown of the tree we are talking about the tree canopy, this really is the main structure which gives the tree its shape. When performing a Crown Thin, the tree surgeon removes branches from the crown of the tree. These are often crossing branches which could eventually fail and snap, dead branches and branches which are duplicated above or below each other.

What are the benefits to Crown Thinning?

The primary benefit of asking a qualified tree surgeon carry out these specific works are that it allows more light through the tree meaning more light into your garden or property. It can also aesthetically balance the structure off the tree and make the tree seem less dense. The removal of dead, crossing or duplicated branches ensures the tree is kept healthy and safe.

One other benefit we have found at Silver Oak Tree Surgery is that when we Crown Thin the tree, you allow more air and wind to pass through the canopy meaning you are less likely to have branches snap out and fall on your property.

With summer approaching, maybe it’s a good opportunity to consider getting your tree’s crown thinned to make the most out of the Great British summer.

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