We have a wealth of commercial tree surgeon and dry stone walling work experience from managing some of the most prestigious private woodland estates in the Peak District and private sports clubs to site clearances and securing business premises. In fact, when Silver Oak first started a good proportion of our time was spent managing woodlands for various historic private estates.

We have also worked on some fantastic tree surgeon projects from restoring the health of a woodland, creating safe environments for children to play at various schools, carving a rally track for a professional racing driver to preserving historic woodlands for the trust, Ancient England.

We are proud to have worked on a commercial basis for numerous businesses in Sheffield, Chesterfield, Peak District and surrounding areas from maintaining their trees and occasionally doing a site clearance in preparation for building works.

Projects and Contracts

Here is a list of some of the types of commercial projects we have undertook:

  • Woodland management
  • Schools/Children homes
  • Sports clubs
  • Golf clubs
  • Estate management
  • Grounds contracts
  • Site clearance
  • Business premises

These are some of the business and private estates we have worked for:

  • Hallamshire Golf Club
  • Matlock Golf Club
  • Historic England
  • Tankersley Park Golf Club
  • Stoke Hall Estate Management
  • Sugworth Hall
  • Walton Lodge Woodland Management
  • The Lodgemoor Private Estate Grounds Contract
  • Ryegate
  • Marshalls Carbide Ltd
  • Robinsons Packaging Ltd


Managing Tree Preservation Orders and Planning

For a vast majority of the projects we have undertaken, we have applied and helped the owner gain the correct permissions by working with the relevant council whether that be Sheffield City Council or Derbyshire Council.

It could be that some of the trees you own have TPO's (Tree Preservation Orders) or are in a conservation area. It is essential that we check before any work is carried out as to the status of the TPO, whether they do have this protection or not. If the tree does carry a TPO then we will contact the council and fill out the required planning forms in order to gain the correct permissions for the particular tree or group of trees.

We are happy to contact the council on your behalf and this is not charged at an extra rate.

Site Surveys with Drone

We also offer to conduct site surveys via drone. This can be very useful if you would like aerial photos or footage of your land and the trees you would like to work on. These photos and videos can be added to TPO application forms which enables the Tree Officer to get a clear idea of the work you would like to be carried out. 

If you have a project that we could help you with then please contact us to discuss how we can help you.


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