How to prune an apple tree?

1. Apple trees should be pruned when dorment from November to early March time.

2. Remove dead, dying and diseased branches as well as crossing branches. They can be cut back to original growth points or to a bud, doing so will invigorate growth.

3. Make clean cuts: Below is an image of how to do tree pruning cuts correctly. Remember to take most of the weight out of the branch before doing your final pruning cut.

Within the tree surgery industry correct tree pruning is essential for good practice in tree care and maintenance. As tree surgeons and arborists we make sure we carry out tree pruning to the highest level because we care not only how our work looks to the customer but we care about maintaining that tree for years to come.

Correct tree pruning can really help trees to maintain their structural integrity and aesthetics. The improper pruning of a tree can cause lasting damage or even worse shorten the tree’s life. Thats why at Silver Oak Tree Surgery we take pride in every tree we prune. We also want to promote good tree pruning and practice to the avid gardener as well as ones who are looking for a qualified tree surgeon to prune a tree in their garden. 

Depending on your reasons for pruning a tree, weather its to remove dead wood out of the crown to reduce risk of injury, or weather its to thin out a highly dense crown to let more light through, Its essential that the branches are cut correctly to allow the tree to heal and recover from the pruning works. Thats why the image above can give you an indication of whats acceptable and whats not. 

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