When it comes into late spring and we're spending more time in our gardens, we often notice that some of our trees look overgrown, are blocking out those all-important summer rays, or possibly the tree looks like it needs some care.

As tree surgeons based in Sheffield which is fortunate to be a very green city with lots of old lovely trees and not to mention being located on the edge of the Peak District which is famous for its green space. We often get asked by homeowners if summer or spring is a good time to prune trees and we love to answer these questions, but to help you along here is our quick guide to which trees benefit from summer pruning.

A guide to which season is best to prune trees:

Depending on the nature of the tree, trees all have different seasons in which it is the optimum time to prune them. Deciduous trees are best pruned in winter or autumn when they are considered dormant however there are exceptions such as Birch or Maple since these bleed extensively when cut, so it is best to prune these when new growth is mature in late spring to the end of summer. Also, trees like a Cherry tree that use resin or sap to protect wounds should be pruned in summer similarly to the Birch or Maple.

UK Trees to prune in spring to summer: 

Tree: Best time to prune:
Acacia Spring
Acer (Maples) Winter or summer
Almond Summer
Apricot Summer
Ash Spring - end of summer
Beech Spring - end of summer
Birch Summer - winter
Cherry  Summer
Chesnut (Horse) Spring - end of summer
Common Lime Spring - end of summer
Cypress Spring - end of summer
Elm Spring - end of summer
English Oak Spring - end of summer
Eucalyptus Summer
Firs Winter or summer
Hornbeam Spring - end of summer
London Plane Spring - end of summer
Magnolia Summer 
Pine Spring
Plum Summer
Robinia From the middle - end of summer
Rowan or Mountain Ash Spring - end of summer
Silver Birch Late summer - late autumn
Walnut Summer or winter
Whitebeam Late spring - summer
Willow Spring - end of summer
Yew Summer or winter


UK Trees to prune in winter:

Acer (Maples) Winter or summer
Apple  Winter
Birch Summer - winter
Cedar Winter
Firs Winter or summer
Hemlock Winter
Holly Winter
Holly/Holm Oak Winter
Poplar Winter
Silver Birch Late summer - late autumn
Sweet Chesnut Autumn or winter
Yew Summer or winter


It is worth noting that most tree work apart from the odd low hanging branch, is best performed by a qualified tree surgeon.  Unless you have qualifications in using a chainsaw then any substantial work or any work at a height even if you think you can reach it with a ladder should be done by an experienced tree surgeon. We recommend this not just for the safety of the householder but also for the health of the tree.

A little bit about us:

We are experienced tree surgeons and arborists based in Sheffield working across Sheffield, Chesterfield, Dronfield, and surrounding areas such as the Loxley, Bolsterstone, and the Peak District including Hathersage, Grindleford, Bakewell. We love to carry out great tree surgery in order to help trees flourish.

Once you have decided that your tree needs pruning you may wonder at what to ask the tree surgeon to do, if so take a look at our tree surgery terminology guide here.

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