When a tree has been dismantled, it is normally reduced to just above ground level leaving the stump and root ball in the ground. There are some advantages to this as tree stumps offer natural habitats for wildlife, but they can also take up valuable space in the garden, are often trip hazards and cause further rotting and disease.

If you would like the tree stump removed, then we can do this for you with our stump grinding machine. We use a stump grinding machine as it is the quickest, easiest and most effective way of removing a stump completely from the garden.

We place the stump grinder on the tree stump once it is at ground level and the machine then grinds the wood down in a thorough sweeping motion turning it in to wood chip and sawdust. Once the grinding process is finished, it will leave the hole filled solidly with a mix of soil and some saw dust which will enable you to turf over or cover with plants. We can also remove the soil and sawdust if you are planning a building project for example and are looking to excavate the area.

We remove tree stumps on a regular basis working for private houses, estates, businesses and even other tree firms (if they do not have their own machines) in the Sheffield, Chesterfield, Peak District, Barnsley and Rotherham areas. 

If you have a tree stump that needs removing, please call us so we can arrange to view the stump. It is important to view the size of the stump and access to the area in order to assess the size of machinery needed.

To discuss your requirements, please contact us here or call 07944 394 413.


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