In 2008 we became corporate members of the Dry Stone Walling Association (DSWA) and have been enjoying building walls in Sheffield ever since. As experienced dry stone wallers we offer a range of services such as wall construction, rebuilds, repairs, and creating retaining walls.

We have completed many varied and interesting projects such as retaining ornamental walls for heritage sites, retaining walls using gabion baskets and even creating the number 1 tee at a luxury gold club.

Here is a short overview of what dry stone walling means and how it is different from a cement wall for example, and then a list and description of the services we offer. 


What is dry stone walling? What is the difference between that and other walls?

Dry stone walling is the art of building a wall purely out of stone, no cement is used. It is the technique of placing stones in such a way that it binds the wall together to make a solid structure. From using big heavy stones as the foundation to using stones in size order from big to small, to using small pebble sized stones throughout the wall to create nice compact layers. We also use long stones, known as through stones which extend the entire width of the wall and binds the smaller stones together ensuring the strength of the structure. For the finishing touches, we place heavier stones on the top of the wall called Toppers or Coping stones to weight down and protect the top layers. This method of building allows the wall to move and settle creating something that will last for years. 


Wall Construction

Dry stone walls create great features in your garden. We offer our services to construct one to suit your needs. We can source stone and build to however you want this great feature to be used in your garden.


Wall Rebuilds

Do you have a dry stone wall in disrepair? We can take down your existing wall and rebuild to make a new wall using the existing stone, depending on the quality of the stone.


Wall Repair

A lot of the enquiries we get are from customers who have had someone damage their wall by car or other accidents. Sometimes the wall can have come down through neglect. Whatever the issue, we can view the wall and give you advice on how best to repair it.


Retaining Dry Stone Walls

We have built numerous retaining walls, some as gabion baskets and others are free standing walls. A dry stone wall is a very good retaining wall and much more aesthetically pleasing than other options.

If you are interested in having repair work or a new wall built in the Sheffield, Chesterfield, or surrounding area, please contact us and we will come to view your garden or land. We will be able to advise you as to the best option for your plans and also as to where to source stone and quantities required.



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